I’m involved as the coordinator or team member in several research and development projects, which include:

  • CAPTURE funded by FCT (2021 – 2024): Shuttle drone for launch and capture in cooperative and non-cooperative scenarios (recommended for funding).
  • REPLACE funded by FCT and POR-Lisboa (2018 – 2021): Fast Delivery in Urban Environments using Drone Relays: Planning, Control, and Estimation.
  • MULTIDRONE funded by EU H2020 (2017-2019): MULTIple DRONE platform for media production.
  • LOTUS funded by FCT (2016 – 2018): Load transportation using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
  • SAVEMOB funded by FDCT Macau (2015 – 2017): Sensor-based Control of Aerial Vehicles for Health Monitoring of Buildings and Industrial Facilities.
  • ANCONSYS funded by FDCT Macau (2015 – 2016): Advanced nonlinear control and navigation systems for autonomous surface crafts.
  • AIRTICI funded by AdI (2010-2013): Advanced Interactive Robotic Tools for the Inspection of Critical Infrastructures.
  • Ammaia funded by FCT (2011-2013): A concerted action of archaeology, natural sciences and applied technologies to place a Roman town in context.
  • TRIDENT funded by EU-FP7 (2010-2013): Marine Robots and Dexterous Manipulation for Enabling Autonomous Underwater Multipurpose Intervention Missions.
  • HELICIM funded by FCT (2007-2010): Autonomous Helicopter for Critical Infrastructure Monitoring.
  • MEDIRES funded by AdI (2003-2007): Methodologies for Surveying and Diagnosis of Semi-submerged Structures.

research highlights

LiDAR-based trajectory tracking control:

Project AIRTICI: